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The Wedding of Michael & Karineh

Michael had proposed to Karineh at the Hearst Castle before they met us. Yet, we recaptured their romantic proposal again at the same spot in the same place. We have posted the images before the wedding on our blog. Their wedding was very organized and the bride had made sure to have many wedding decoration details carefully designed and set up. Everything looked beautiful at the bride’s home and even the color of the walls gave life to the wedding decorations that had been […]

The Wedding of Koko & Lena

The wedding of Koko and Lena was amazing! They had a wonderful group of groomsmen and bridesmaids who were very cooperative. There are lots of great pictures, yet I’m just sharing a few of them. Thank you for letting me be part of your wedding day. Congratulations to your new life!

The Wedding of Vic & Armine

Everything went perfect! When the bride arrived home we started to shoot portraits of her. There were a lot of bridesmaids who made the wedding more exciting! It was a hot day, yet everything was well planned and the colors of that day were matching. In addition, the ceremony was outdoors and the music made the atmosphere very peaceful. The reception at Metropol was very beautiful starting from the design of the banquet hall until the centerpieces on the tables. The bride and groom even noticed […]

The Pre-Wedding Session of Michael and Karineh II

As we promised here are  a few pictures of Michael and Karineh in a historical place. It took us a very long drive to get there, yet it was worth it. The place was beautiful and peaceful and the ocean was crystal clear over there. We also took great shots of wild zebra’s which were running around. There were many wineries that one can visit. It was one of the prettiest places that we have been shooting. Here are just a few of them. Stay tuned for […]

The Pre-Wedding Session of Koko & Lena

Hi everybody, we’ve been a bit busy and we are just uploading now some images from this great couple whose wedding is on this Sunday. Their pre-wedding session was on one of those very hot days, yet everything went well. We went to very interesting places together and had a great time! We will soon load some more pics from other couples!

The Pre-Wedding Session of Vic & Armine

When Vic and Armine came to us, they wanted an old style photo shoot.. So we chose a place which was more fitting and captured moments of old times! They even wanted no filters on her images, which is more my way of taking pictures and makes images come alive. They are a magnificent couple to work with and here are a few of their images. Their special day will be in a few days and I can’t wait to shoot their wedding.

The pre-Wedding Session of Michael & Karineh

The wedding season has started and we will soon start uploading more pictures. Here are a few images of a great couple Michael & Karineh who liked very much to be photographed. Stay tuned for more pictures with them at a historical place.