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The Pre-Wedding Session of Michael & Karineh

 The wedding season has started and we will soon start uploading more pictures. Here are a few images of a great couple Michael & Karineh who liked very much to be photographed. Stay tuned for more pictures with them at a historical place.

The Wedding of Steven & Lilian

Hi everyone, once again we are uploading our blog with beautiful images of this wonderful couple who tied their knot in a lovely ceremony. Their affection for each other shows in every picture. Besides, they loved being photographed and posing for images. They gave me a lot of room for creativity and it was a joy for me to shoot their wedding. One of the beauties of weddings are expressed in surprises where real emotions such as joy and laughter are flowing […]

The Per-wedding session of Steven & Lilian

This couple is very in love with each other. They liked to be photographed a lot and we had a full day session. We went north, south and I also had night time photography, Although, we had a long day it was worth it. I’m just sharing a few pictures with you all.

The Wedding of Yourik & Edna

This was one of my favorite weddings and a very special one. It was my best friend’s wedding. Although, it was a traditional wedding we had a lot of time to take photographs. We had lots of fun with Yourik and Edna and their groomsmen and bridesmaid’s. They all were very excited and entertaining. We took lots of pictures with his 1968 orange Charger. The wedding took place in the “Great Caesar Palace”. The singer was the famous Andy. We wish […]

The Wedding of John & Mary

The groom and bride and the group which accompanied them were effortless to work with. Everything went well and smoothly forward on their wedding day. Thank you for letting us capture your wedding. Congratulations to your new life together in unity!


Thank you to all bride and groom’s for writing us amazing reviews and for appreciating our work and supporting us. The credit belongs to you all too! Hope you all will have a wonderful, happy and prosperous life! Thank you Harsanik.com for your support also!