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The Wedding Of David & Jeannette

David and Jeanette’s wedding took place in Castle Green, which is a great place for a photo shoot. This gorgeous couple were very pleasant and such a joy to work with.

The Wedding of Karen & Galina

Thank you for letting me document your images that will last a life time! Congratulations to your new life in unity! God bless you Karen and Galina!

The Wedding of Artin & Armine

Here are a few images of my new found relatives wedding. They are a charming and cheerful couple. We had a great time and lots of laughs together! Congratulations to your new life together! May you always be happy with one another!

The Wedding of Arthur & Adrineh

As promised here are some favorite shots of the wedding of Arthur and Adrineh. It was a very sunny and hot day, yet the groom’s and bride’s  joy was contagious and made everybody merry until the end of the night. Congratulations to your wedding!

The Pre-Wedding Session of Yourik & Edna

Yourik and Edna is a dear couple to my wife and me. They are close friends of us and in order to make their pre-wedding photo shoot as unique as they are, we went with them on a trip to the Yosemite National Park. We had lots of entertaining time and memorable moments together in a breathtaking nature which God has created for all of us. We were surrounded by an astonishing scenery and it is a real paradise over […]

The Pre-Wedding Session of Artin and Armine

Artin and Armine are a nice and fun couple. We laughed a lot with them and had a great time! When I got to know them better, I found out that I’m related with them and they invited us to their wedding also. Stay tuned for their wedding images.  

The Wedding of Rafi and Tamar

Every outdoor wedding has a mood of itself. Yet, this had a class of its own. They all were a comfortable group to work with. Rafi and Tamar are very much in love with one another. I am very impressed by the work the groom has done for the bride. Rafi has written and printed a book why he is in love with Tamar. What a great love! May you always be happy and in love with each other! Thank […]