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The Pre-Wedding Session of Adrineh & Arthur

Adrineh and Arthur studied for a long time in order to tie the knot with each other next month. Hence, we took them on a longer drive out of Los Angeles to make their pre-wedding photo shoot as exceptional as it should be. Stay tuned.

The Pre-Wedding of Raffi & Tamar

Last week we went to a distant panoramic landscape where I had been before. This adventurous couple liked the place and agreed to drive further away. So this is the stunning outcome from our trip.

The Wedding of Missak & Siran

Last Saturday’s wedding was one of my favorite ones. Everything went smoothly forward. Missak and Siran were a harmonious and engaging couple who allowed me to take creative shots. They were honestly  expressing their emotions for each other which can be seen in the following images. Thank you for letting me capture your wedding. Congratulations to your wedding!

The Engagement of Piunik & Patrick

Last week I shot a great couple who were passionate about getting photographed. They were also very in love with each other. So, the pictures came out more natural and romantic as you can see. Here are just a few of them. Congratulations to your engagment Patrick and Piunik!

The Engagement of Sonia and Mike

 Last weekend we shot the engagement of Sonia and Mike. They were a pleasant couple to work with. Congratulations to your engagement!

The Wedding of Ferras & Roueda

Capturing different cultures is always a great plleasure for me. I really enjoyed to get to know Ferras and Roueda and to photograph their wedding day. They are a sweet and peaceful couple. Thank you for letting me capture your wedding images which will last a life time 

The Pre-Wedding of Missak and Siran

My last week photoshoot with Missak and Siran was great. We went to beautiful scenaries. It was great to get to know them and they were a nice and happy couple. They allowed me to get creative shots and they were easy to work with.

The Wedding of Zareh & Meghedi

Twas the day before Christmas, when all through the house Not a creature was silent, not even a mouse. The wedding dress was hung by the window with care, In hopes that Zareh would soon be there… It was a breathtaking traditional wedding, filled with laughter and joy. Working with Zareh and Meghedi was easy and adventurous. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your special day!

The Wedding of Fouad & Theresa

It was a pleasure to shoot the wedding of Fouad and Theresa. I really like to work with different cultures. There was a part that really impressed me. The grandmother of the bride spoke many blessings upon her grandchild’s marriage. Although, I did not understand what she was saying, the tears of the bride showed how powerful the blessings were. Thank you for letting me document your wedding. God bless you!