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About Us

About us

Explorer of the light!


Hamlet is a creative artist as well as a seasoned professional in the world of photography. His talent and skill are incomparable to those in the profession. Hamlet’s talent is made evident through his unique ability while working with style on image and motion picture photography. Both give him a unique perspective and set him apart in the field. His creative eye for detail and
his depth of knowledge on light distinguishes his artistry and is depicted in the various stylistic shots that he captures.

Each shot is distinctive in style without compromising the content. Hamlet’s use of both natural and artificial light creates the mood of his subject. His ability to apply artistic features enhances the shot without compromising the subject within the frame.
Hamlet can capture the personality and embraces the individuality of his clients. His work is as original and as unique as each client he serves.

Several character traits set Hamlet distinctively apart in the profession: he is zealous to capture visually inspiring shots; he is attentive to his clients’ wishes and ensures that clients receive photos promptly. He sets the bar high for photography and challenges himself to keep up with trends in artistry. Though he has created a platform for all types of photography, Hamlet especially takes pride in wedding photography, capturing the story of happily ever afters.