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The Wedding of Pedram & Diana

Greetings to all Brides and Grooms,

It’s been a long time that we have not posted anything on our blog, so we thought we should post again the weddings we shoot. We wanted to give some advice to you all that life can be sometimes  very tough and challenging. Most of the couples prepare at least a year ahead for their wedding, yet most of them are not prepared for marriage until they start living under one roof.  We once heard an advice that stuck with us which says that when you fall in love with someone and get married to them you have graduated high school, yet when you get married you still have to graduate college and then university. We suggest to all couples that you should never stop learning about each other because this is what creates deeper intimacy.  Please always respect each other and never take each other for granted because this is what will make marriage worthwhile.

We wanted to tell about Pedram and Diana that they are a wonderful couple who have a very deep love for each other and we have captured some of their precious moments of their special day.

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